New Modern Farmhouse 3 New Modern Farmhouse 3 New Modern Farmhouse 3 New Modern Farmhouse 3 New Modern Farmhouse 3

New Modern Farmhouse 3


This New Modern Farmhouse integrates client desire for rural vernacular yet warm textural modern solution for their downsized lifestyle.

Empty nesters desire less space than existing home, but adequate accommodations for visitors, especially their grand-kids.  Open concept planning includes loft overlook, architectural stair, and front/back kitchen spaces.  Master Suite forms its own wing adjacent to pool deck.

Construction broke ground in May 2016.  In late Fall 2016, Owner completed the shell and put the project on-hold until selling their existing house.

Please check back for periodic updates on progress.

New Modern Farmhouse

Project Info:

Architecture/Renderings/Photography: HAUS | Architecture

Demolition + Foundations – New Modern Farmhouse 3

Our client had an unusual request – let’s design our next house prior having a specific location in-mind.  After we design it, we will find a location.

Honestly, we we a little uneasy about designing something without an understanding of the context and possible orientation.  So we designed something that could be mirrored if needed, and our client assured us that it would be a large enough site to allow some degree of flexibility in its placement.  Incredibly, about a year after conceptual design, the perfect rural lot was secured, and construction of this home commenced following partial demolition of an existing barn structure.  Photo below was taken after site prepared for new footings.  to the far left is the remainder of the existing barn that will be maintained in the master plan.

Site Preparation Underway
Footings Poured
Wall Forms Underway

Framing Begins – New Modern Farmhouse 3

We are excited to see the building take shape – only concern is the lack of natural light that will penetrate the main vaulted living space.  We discussed several skylight/dormer design options, but are doing without – some light will enter main living spaces via adjacent loft + dormers.

New Modern Farmhouse
Framing Progress


New Modern Farmhouse 3 - Vaulted Truss Progress
Vaulted Truss Progress


New Modern Farmhouse 3 - East Elevation Siding Underway
East Elevation Siding Underway


New Modern Farmhouse 3 - Exterior Progress
Exterior Progress (Fall 2016)


Modern Farmhouse 3 - February 2017 Exterior
Exterior Progress (Feb 2017)


Modern Farmhouse 3 - February 2017 Exterior
Exterior Progress (Feb 2017)


Stay Tuned for More Progress Photos!