Architect Design Process

Have you ever wondered how Architects go about designing projects for their clients?  If so, please check-out this introduction to the design process and then check-out some of our projects for a primer.

Our current topic of the week is “Construction Administration”.

We want to emphasize how important architect involvement is during the construction phase (see ‘Construction Administration’ below).  Over the years, we have had many experiences that we want to share about the construction process.  In fact, we’d love for our clients and collaborators to benefit from these lessons learned.  So stay-tuned, as we’ll continue to share anecdotes in ‘PROJECTS’ and ‘TOPICS’ here on our site.

Most certainly, we would love to answer any questions you have about our design process, so please be sure to contact us with any questions while we are working on this basic outline!


This phase involves review of goals, location, zoning, and any other relevant kick-off information.

Schematic Design

After establishing the general big-picture project requirements and goals, we begin the initial design brainstorming and options review.  The HAUS experience includes a special kick-off that we’ll share in our engagement process.  Certainly, by the end of this phase, we will have established the scope of the project.

Construction Documents

After establishing project scope above, we need to prepare documents necessary for pricing, permits and construction.  HAUS organizes this phase in a certain way to ensure maximum efficiency.

Interior Design

Interiors are where you spend most of your time, so we will work with you to design all aspects of the inside-space.  This will include shaping the interior architecture, lighting design, built-ins, finishes, special details, and more.

Construction Administration

Would you like the construction of your project to turn-out as you designed it?  Who wouldn’t?

If so, then make sure your architect is available during construction either in the traditional role of Architect, or possibly as the actual builder or Construction Manager.  When Architect is not involved during the construction phase, things usually deviate from design intent/contract documents.

Traditionally, the Architect provides Bidding + Construction Administration (CA) Services during the bid/construction phases.  It is important that the Architect be available during the course of construction to ensure that the construction meets the intent expressed in the Construction Documents (ie, protecting the interests of the Owner).  Some Architect CA tasks may include the following:

  1. Answering bidding and construction-phase questions.
  2. Making periodic construction site visits.
  3. Providing supplementary details and clarifications as needed.
  4. Reviewing shop drawings and material samples.
  5. Acting as client advocate and sounding-board.

All of these tasks above are basically, COMMUNICATION.  It’s the most important aspect of any construction project.

Here on our site, we are continuing to share project stories about the construction process.  Some are success stories.  Some didn’t go quite as planned.  Most certainly, all are lessons learned.  These experiences reinforce our opinions and help illustrate why we recommend certain processes to facilitate excellent team communication.

Construction Management

As a means to prevent some recurring construction-phase coordination issues, we began managing the construction of our projects via WERK | Building Modern, our sister construction management company.

It has now been 17 years since we started building for our clients.  In that time, we have been able to design + build many creative projects, from major renovations to new construction, residential and commercial.   Without a doubt, this Architect-led design + construction process streamlines communication and most effectively ensures that the built results most closely meet the client and architect design-intent.

If you are interested in learning more about construction management, please check-out the WERK site and call us to begin a dialogue.  Also, this video by GLUCK+ touches on the construction process and touches on the benefits of one point of contact for design + construction (Architect-Led Design-Build).


Client Advocates

We have several stories available on this site and more to share.  So please take some time to peruse our gallery, and know that we’ll continue to add more about past projects and new ones as they happen!

Overall, we most successfully advocate for our clients from beginning-to-end (Architecture, Interiors, and Construction Management).


Please check back, as we’ll be designing and building more on this page about process!!!


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