Auto House - New garage and auto workshop was built to enhance existing midcentury modern property and house, but specifically to house Owner vintage car and motorcycle collection - translucent acrylic glazing brings diffused light from three-sided clerestory above - Vintage Modern Garage - 1950's Midcentury Modern Renovation & Detached Workshop Addition, Traders Point Lake - Lakeside, 7150 Lakeside Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana - Christopher Short, Paul Reynolds, Indianapolis Architects, HAUS | Architecture For Modern Lifestyles

Auto House

July 1, 2018

Vintage muscle cars  make themselves at home in this new Midcentury Modern auto house completed in the Lakeside Woods Neighborhood within the Traders Point on the northwest side of Indianapolis; one piece of a master plan to comprehensively update a 1950’s Mid-Mod property.

HAUS designed the structure to compliment the original residence in form and style.  Chiefly, garage provides abundant natural light for showcasing client collection while doubling as a party barn.

The new freestanding structure is what you see from the primary residence elevated open-concept living space, so it’s not just garage, but new property focal point.