Colonial Modern Complete - Rear exterior elevations features elevated courtyard, cable-rail balcony, grill-station, and sunroom glazing - Towne Oak Estates, Steffe Drive, Carmel, Indiana - Christopher Short, Derek Mills - Indianapolis Architects, HAUS | Architecture For Modern Lifestyles

Colonial Modern Complete

December 3, 2018

Modern Colonial north of Coxhill Gardens in Carmel is now complete!

After about a 16-month construction process, the much anticipated move-in process finally began in late mid-October 2018.  For sure, after our clients have some time to get settled-in we’ll share more of the interiors.  In the meantime, we’ll be adding design process and renderings to the story as a placeholder.  HAUS helped client with comprehensive site planning and architectural design concepts, including a detailed interior design vision.

This project is rooted in tradition, but distinctly modern.  Please check-out the story here.