Architectural Open-Riser Custom Stair - Lakeside Modern Cottage - Unionville, Indiana, Lake Lemon - Christopher Short, Derek Mills, Paul Reynolds, Architects, HAUS Architecture + WERK | Building Modern - Construction Managers - Architect Custom Builders

Open Riser Architectural Stair

March 1, 2019

Open riser architectural stair is now complete for Lakeside Modern Cottage.  In fact, this is just one of many custom details for this major renovation project.

Heavy timber treads are Eastern White Pine with water-based polyurethane finish.  Stringers are Poplar glue-ups in satin black.  Cable-rail system is assembled from a pre-manufactured kit-of-parts.

Most certainly, we’ll be sharing a lot more in the coming months as our clients settle-in.  Lake Lemon will be hopping this summer, so check back!